Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield stretches North from the Great Lakes to the Arctic Ocean, and covers over half of Canada.

There is a wide variety of wildlife in this land form. Some of these animals are the Peregrine Falcon, the Golden Eagle, Barren Ground Caribou, and the Arctic Fox. These animals live in this region because they can stand the cooler climate.

The climate in the Canadian Shield region varies throughout the year. The Canadian Shield region gets 200-300 mm of rain in summer, and 1250-1500mm of snow in winter. The climate in this region can be described as having longer winters and shorter summers.

There are many interesting occupations found in the Canadian Shield region. Some of the major occupations are forestry, making roads and railways, oil and gas, pulp and paper and mining tar. These occupations provide people with roads and railways, gas for their cars, and money to purchase homes and food.

The Canadian Shield region offers a variety of sport and recreational activities. Sporting and recreational activities include fishing, hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling. These are popular activities in this region because there are lots of animals in this region and there is lots of water and snow in the winter.

There are many different cultural groups, many people in this region live in small communities. One of the larger communities is Fort Chipewyan. Some of the larger cultural groups include Canadian, English, and Natives. There are a variety of cultural groups that live in this region.